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Dr. DeMio Recognized by Autism One
Phillip C. DeMio, MD, was given the highest doctor's recognition award at Autism One's first Annual Gala & Award Ceremonies in Chicago on Saturday, May 28th, 2011. He is a biomedi


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Welcome to the practice of Phillip C. DeMio, MD

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. DeMio’s practice focuses on the medical testing and treatment for your loved one with autism. Dr. DeMio’s mission is for his patients to reach their maximum potential through biomedical care. Autism is a medical disease not a mental disorder. Autism and related diagnoses are collectively known as the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Most patients are diagnosed with an ASD before starting with Dr. DeMio, though many people who come to see us do not have a diagnosis and can start treatment with Dr. DeMio. Click here to read more.

Lyme and other Tick-borne Diseases

Dr. DeMio now offers comprehensive testing and treatment for Lyme and other related diseases, which are quickly becoming epidemic.  Click here to read more.


We have two offices to serve you. Click here for information on contacting our offices for an appointment.


USAAA award

2012 US Autism and Aperger Association Chairman Award

Exciting new treatments:

hbot-promo.jpgHyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in office or available for monthly rentals: Cleveland and Columbus Office.
These are essential treatments for children with special needs and Dr. DeMio has recognized their use for over a decade.

For mor information about HBOT check out our FAQ page here.

Thank you for visiting our Web site. It is important to Dr. DeMio and his staff that your questions and concerns are addressed. If you would like to contact our office using our Online Information Form, click here. All information is strictly confidential.

Cleveland Area: 216-901-0441 | Columbus Area: 614-436-2036

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