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Dr. DeMio Recognized by Autism One
Phillip C. DeMio, MD, was given the highest doctor's recognition award at Autism One's first Annual Gala & Award Ceremonies in Chicago on Saturday, May 28th, 2011. He is a biomedi

Patients & Family Testimonials

What they are saying. . .

"Dr. DeMio is the fourth specialist we have seen since our son’s diagnosis of autism 6 months ago. He is the only one who has THOUGHTFULLY listened to our concerns, questions and fears and successfully answered them all. His is such a kind man with an excellent bedside manner. His empathy and understanding of what we are going through (since he has an autistic son himself) has helped us to effectively cope with our own situation. For the first time since Nate’s diagnosis we finally feel that there is hope for his future. Dr. DeMio is an angel!"

Allyson (a nurse) & Craig (a scientist and paramedic)
parents of 3 year old Nate, a boy with autism.

"I am most impressed with how thorough Dr. DeMio is. He takes the time to ask questions and listen to concerns. He also explains how and why a particular treatment or test is (or is not) recommended. He shows a genuine interest in my child and trying to find the best ways to help him."

Mother of  3 year old son with autism.

"When I first realized my son had autism, I turned to the medical community for answers. I wanted to know ways to help my son with his autism and all his other plaguing medical problems. I have never felt so abandoned and alone…basically told to take my child home and love him, enroll him in an ABA program and hope for the best. This is when I found Dr. DeMio, who I have found to be just as passionate as I am to help my son. With the help of the doctor and his incredible knowledge, he has found a protocol of vitamins and supplements, contacts for the right therapy, and the support my family needed to see a chance of recovery for our son."

Leslie, mother of Vinnie, a 3 year old boy with autism.

"On our initial visit to Dr. DeMio’s office we were nervous and did not know what to expect. Dr. DeMio was understanding of our situation and went out of his way to accommodate our needs. We are now doing our appointments over the phone but we feel we can always call the office for support, guidance, and to share information with each other. We are so thankful we chose to go to Dr. DeMio and we hope others seek out his help for their spectrum children."

Dolores, a nurse and mother of 3 year old Joshua with autism.

"Dr. DeMio’s expansive knowledge of chemistry and medicine along with his personal interest of the disease gives us grateful hearts for such a time as this!"

Gretchen registered nurse and mother of 
3 year old autistic son Daniel with recurrent infections and diarrhea.

"Dr. DeMio is the only doctor who has been willing and caring enough to help our son. Every other physician we have approached has offered us no help whatsoever! Dr. DeMio has been a godsend."

Mom of child with spectrum disorder. She is also a Ph.D. psychologist.

"Our experience with Dr. DeMio was an extremely positive one. It seems there is no one else in the office with Dr. DeMio but you and your child. This was quite helpful in creating a very relaxed, informal atmosphere, which makes the visit very pleasant for us as well as our son. He was able to give all of us his undivided attention and was so warm and patient with our son. Dr. DeMio truly is a special person."

Lisa, mother of Adam, 4 year old boy with autism.

"Dr. DeMio provides excellent service in several areas that have not been exhibited by the numerous other doctors I have visited. He has an excellent command of medical knowledge. He has the largest amount of knowledge into the biochemistry of the human body that I have ever seen. He spends the necessary amount of time with his patients to provide them with optimal care. He has a clear and precise plan in regards to the treatment protocol that was needed for me. Both he and his staff exhibit an excellent level of organization and attention to detail."

Adam, a neurotypical adult scientist receiving
testing and treatments from Dr. DeMio for multiple issues.

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