Treatment for Lyme and other Tick-borne Diseases at Whole Health & Wellness

Lyme Disease: a serious Illness that is often undiagnosed: Lyme Disease is the most common tick-borne infection in the United States, and it affects people of all ages. Lyme (which is caused by the types of bacteria called spirochetes in the family of Borrelia Burgdorferi), can have devastating longterm effects on persons infected with it. Though Lyme Disease can start with a rash following a tick bite, many persons with this disorder never saw nor felt a tick bite nor had a rash, and Lyme may not be considered as a cause of their symptoms for months or years. However, they or other family members can in fact have bona fide Lyme, despite never having seen a tick nor a rash on themselves or a loved one. Often, it is the patient or their family who are the first to mention the diagnosis Lyme Disease. Tests may be negative (“normal”) in bona fide cases, so patients may be told that they do not have Lyme, even when they in fact are actually suffering from it (seronegative Lyme Disease).

Lyme is often a debilitating disease with long-term effects. This is especially true if it is not diagnosed and treated with antibiotics in its early stages. Co-infections and reinfection can also happen with multiple tick bites over months or years. A large percentage of persons with Lyme Disease are co-infected with any of several other serious tick-borne infections (Babesia/Theileria, Bartonella, Ehrlichia/Anaplasma, Toxoplasma, Francisella [Tularemia], and many others) in addition to the Lyme germ.

Also, a prolonged (years) phase can occur even if treatment has been given, which can happen for example with co-infections such as that with the parasite Babesia which may have simultaneously infected (co-infected) a person with Lyme. Prolonged cases of Lyme or co-infections can induce autoimmunity and other symptoms, leading to persons being diagnosed and treated for diseases other than Lyme, due to symptoms that seem like Rheumatiod Arthritis, Systemic Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, or primary neuropathies. There is immense stress, biologically, mentally, and spiritually on a person living with Lyme and co-infectants. Lyme & co-infections can render the body susceptible to additional illness at many organ levels, ie, a person with Lyme can have viral, hormonal, nutritional, gastrointestinal, yeast-related, and other problems, resulting in pain, inability to sleep, difficulties with mood, abnormally reduced ability to cope with daily life, weakness, memory and thought dysfunction, digestive disturbances, altered vision, gait disturbances, imbalance, and abnormal sensation, to name a few.

Thus persons with Lyme are often “sick all over,” and are thus suffering a variety of symptoms. These diseases often are not diagnosed even when persons have evidence that they are infected with Lyme. A person may be diagnosed instead with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Epstein-Barr infection, a variety of eye problems, primary psychiatric disorders, Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsonism, or other neurodegenerative or chronic conditions.

Family issues, children with Lyme, and issues in pregnancy: There is much stress in families of persons living with Lyme Disease and co-infections. This is due to the the disabling symptoms, as well as to the fact that other family members frequently have been infected from ticks, and are suffering from Lyme or co-infections, too. Children and teens, for example, are often given labels related to mood, behavioral, and developmental problems, laziness at school, or a primary psychiatric disorder instead of receiving treatment for Lyme or a co-infection. Also, Dr. DeMio and many other practitioners and scientists believe that Lyme can be passed to the fetus during pregnancy, with serious infections in both the mother and the baby. Therefore it is highly important to seek a Lyme-literate physician for detection and treatment of any Lyme or co-infections in these settings.

Issues of contracting, detecting, and preventing Lyme and co-infections: Blood transfusions and other biologicals (human- and animal-derived medically administered substances) have been shown to transmit infections, for example when a person who is infected with Babesia donates blood, thus infecting recipients of the blood. So, yes, you can indeed get an infection without a tick bite. Also, house pets, farm animals, and other mammals can harbor ticks, which can then infect humans in their proximity, an example of which would be sleeping with your indoor/outdoor cat or dog whose ticks get on you. Veterinarians are of great help in advising ways to prevent this. Most people don’t feel a tick’s
bite (Ixod ticks); they are fortunate if they see the tick and they bring it to medical attention.

What tests and treatments are available for Lyme & Co-infections from Dr. DeMio? Many treatments are available for these disorders. The road to healing begins with a thorough diagnostic evaluation. Dr. DeMio has seen patients who have not been fully evaluated for the Lyme. They may have had too short a course of antibiotics or a type of treatment that does not address long term infections. They may have had no testing or treatment at all. Also, co-infections may not have been assessed, and therefore they may not have been treated. Many patients have not been offered treatment if lab tests are “normal” (seronegative results for Lyme or co-infections). Lyme and co-infecting germs can have multiple phases (eg spirochete, cyst, and cell-wall-deficient forms) whereby they can elude antimicrobials and evade detection by tests. For these many forms, a series of comprehensive treatments are often needed. Full treatment may require prolonged antibiotics, supplements, and support of nutritional, hormonal, viral, and other problems. In many cases, intravenous treatments are employed. Compounding pharmacists such as Lee-Silsby are so often of great help to Dr. DeMio and to our patients with Lyme & associated
diseases. Some patients have needs related to all of the above issues, and their recovery depends on a multipronged approach of evaluation and treatment, such as that taken by Dr. DeMio for Lyme and coinfected patients at Whole Health & Wellness.

Treatments available through Dr. DeMio include multiple antibiotic and antiparasitic medication, supplements, and intravenous treatments. These can be
augmented with hyperbaric therapy and many other treatments specific for Lyme and for each of the known co-infections, such as Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma. Many special dietary & nutritional programs, such as gluten-free and modified carbohydrate diets are of immense help to many persons with Lyme. Labs such as IGeneX are available by Dr. DeMio’s order, along with basic labs for a complete picture of each patient. Dr. DeMio orders labs for both the initial work-up as well as in close follow-up, which monitors the patients’ progress and helps to show effectiveness & safety of treatments. Tests and/or treatment, if any, that may be ordered are only done for persons who become established patients of Dr. DeMio , and they are done on an individual basis, and each patient who gets tests and/or treatment, if any, receives them only after a thorough evaluation by Dr. DeMio.